ARS Announces Affiliation With BoaterRated

We have announced a new partnership with BoaterRated LLC this week, which brings valuable and convenient dispute resolution to the boating community.  The service allows BoaterRated Partner Businesses™ to use ARS at reduced fees for all parties to a dispute.

BoaterRated.com is the leading independent marine business review website, where boaters rate and review boating businesses.  As Carl Schellbach, Partner of BoaterRated LLC, explains, “We’re always on the lookout for ways to help boaters obtain the best products and services available. So, for situations that are not resolved during the [Partner Business feature of a 14-day] Reconciliation Period, ARS offers an attractive path to a fair resolution and we’re glad to be able to offer it on terms equally favorable to all parties in a dispute.”

Tom Weber, CEO of Arbitration Resolution Services, adds, “We share BoaterRated’s commitment to objectivity and fairness and for that reason we are glad to offer a discount to all sides of a dispute that comes to ARS for resolution. ARS is an efficient way to accomplish the process, and at far less cost than hiring lawyers and court time to resolve an issue that usually involves less money than the legal fees and court costs would total.”


The Future of Arbitration

Back in 1997, George Friedman, a member of the ARS Board of Directors, predicted and planned for the economic collapse of 2008, alternative energy needs, hybrid and electric cars, and now the future of arbitration.  Check out his predictions that were applauded at the 2013 Securities Experts Roundtable in Boston.

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Mark Norych Submits Comments to SEC Regarding JOBS Act of 2012

The 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (“JOBS Act”) is aimed at making it easier for small businesses to raise funds. The JOBS Act requires the SEC to perform studies and write rules to implement the law. Toward that end, the SEC solicited comments on Title III of the act, which concerns crowdfunding (a broad term used to describe a wide pool of small investors with few restrictions, usually networked by means such as the internet).  

On July 19th, Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. (“ARS”) Executive Vice President and General Counsel Mark Norych submitted a comment letter urging the SEC to consider cloud-based arbitration as a way to resolve disputes between investors and crowdfunding portals. Norych points out that the nature of these disputes – which are expected to involve relatively modest amounts – makes them a perfect fit for streamlined online systems such as that used by ARS.

Click here to read the letter.

The Future of Arbitration

Back in 1997 George Friedman, a member of the Board of Directors of ARS, predicted and planned for the economic collapse of 2008, alternative energy needs, hybrid and electric cars, and now the future of arbitration. Check out his predictions that were applauded at the ADR ExecuSummit 2013.

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Why Arbitration Is Better

In an interview with Lifestyle Media Group, VP Mark Norych shares why online arbitration is often a better alternative to traditional lawsuits.

Read his advice here

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is rapidly gaining widespread use in companies big and small. At ARS, we use an innovative cloud-based technology that makes online arbitration accessible and easy to use. So what is the cloud, exactly? Don Law, our Chief Technology Officer, breaks down cloud computing in this article written for Property Casualty 360.

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