Most of us don’t fully read contracts for rental agreements, and even if we do many of the finer details go over our heads. Car rental companies do the best they can to explain the terms of their contracts, but miscommunications still may occur. Disputes between individuals and car rental companies can be complicated and exhausting—often times court fees can end up totaling more than the damage you are asked to pay in the actual disputes. Arbitration for car rental disputes is not uncommon, and it is a fast and affordable way to settle claims and conflicts.

When you rent a vehicle, often times the damage that occurs to it is entirely out of your control. You parked it safely and did everything in your power to keep it from being damaged; but an irresponsible driver scratched the paint, or made a light dent on the side of the car. It was not something you could predict or keep from happening, but because of your contract with the car rental company, you are still being billed for hundreds. The damage itself might have not been that severe either, but because car rental companies have an image and standard they need to maintain, the costs to repair the damage are steep.

Even though the damage to the car might be insignificant, the price to do it may still be great—going to court over such a small amount of damage is a waste of the time and money for all parties involved. Arbitration for car rental disputes is a more efficient and viable option.

Even in the case of more severe damage arbitration is still a faster and less costly option for finding a resolution. Our trained specialists can conduct all mediation online, relieving both parties of the stress of scheduling meetings. For more information on arbitration for car rental disputes call or contact Arbitration Resolution Services today.