We’ve made it easy and affordable

What Do You Need To Know?

AARS offers a simple cloud-based solution to help you resolve disputes using the company’s proprietary Arb-IT™ technology, which features an affordable way to arbitrate online.


Signing up is as simple as providing your name and e-mail address.

STEP TWO: File a Claim

Gather your documents, photographs and other evidence. Simply upload the files to our secure server, describe your claim, and identify the responding party.

STEP THREE: An Arbitrator or Mediator is Assigned

Before a matter is assigned to an experienced arbitrator or mediator, ARS conducts a conflict check to ensure the arbitrator or mediator has no connection to the parties.

STEP FOUR: Resolve the Dispute

The arbitrator or mediator reviews feedback from the Applicant and Respondent(s). After all evidence is gathered and reviewed, a binding decision is rendered by the arbitrator. If using mediation, the mediator will attempt a resolution.

About Arb-IT™

Our unique and proprietary software guides participants through the process with timely reminders of all events and tasks needing attention. ARS automatically alerts all parties of pending time limits and steps awaiting completion. All parties have their own personal home page that allows them to instantly monitor the status of all of their arbitrations/mediations. Arb-IT™ allows parties to upload video and audio recordings to be used as evidence. The truth can’t be hidden when the actual facts are known.

ARS Arbitrators are seasoned attorneys with years of litigation experience. ARS decisions are made with a complete recitation of the facts and thorough analysis of how the facts formed the basis for the decision. Disputes can be resolved solely by submissions through the ARS website to arbitrate online, or, where permitted by our rules, either party can request a telephonic or videoconference hearing.

Hearings will be held at the convenience of the parties, and are usually scheduled within 60 to 90 days. When no hearings are requested, a decision will be rendered within 30 days of completed submissions. No longer do you have to wait months or years to have a resolution to your disputes.

In cases where the parties feel a settlement conference would be helpful, ARS offers mediations, which are also handled telephonically or with a videoconference.

Arbitration is an easy way for parties to privately resolve their disputes!