For many years the legal profession has struggled to find more cost-efficient ways to help clients settle relatively small disputes. It has become cost-prohibitive for a law firm of any size to help a client collect an amount under $100,000, either by litigation or through the existing arbitration system. In so many instances, the better decision is to write off a bad debt rather than try to collect it through the lengthy and complicated litigation process. As a result, many companies are losing significant sums of money on uncollectable accounts.

Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS) is a next generation, cloud-based ADR company that helps attorneys resolve their clients’ legal disputes quickly (often in weeks or a few months), efficiently and accurately. Arbitration hearings are optional, and can be held either by telephone or video conference, saving time and travel expenses for all parties involved. Mediation services are also available by telephone or video conference.

In instances where an existing written agreement specifies another method or venue for dispute resolution, the parties can always agree to change the method or venue. ARS is far and away the least expensive way for disputes to be resolved in the United States. Our arbitrators and mediators are all highly experienced litigation attorneys, retired judges or law school professors.

Even before a dispute arises, transactional, estate and general business attorneys can start specifying ARS in the dispute resolution clauses of agreements, wills, trusts and other documents to help their clients limit future legal costs (more information on fees). Because arbitration through ARS is strictly confidential, your clients’ problems are less likely to be publicized, unlike in litigation, where most disputes are a matter of public record.

Online arbitration is your client’s fast pass to justice. It’s cost-effective, efficient, fair and confidential. We welcome any and all inquiries, and encourage you to give us a call.