Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. (ARS) can help you resolve a variety of disputes – no matter how big or small. ARS arbitrators are seasoned professionals who have extensive experience resolving claims involving a vehicle and/or property damage; disputes involving businesses and individuals; and disputes between companies. If you have ever signed a contract, been involved in a motor vehicle accident, or suffered monetary damages as a result of a commercial or individual agreement, then ARS may be able to provide relief through mediation or binding arbitration.

ARS is designed to be easy to use and understand. ARS resolves claims through arbitration quickly, efficiently and more affordable than with traditional litigation. The ARS process is so simple that anyone can participate in arbitration without formal training or legal representation. Our unique and proprietary software guides participants through the process with timely reminders of all events and tasks needing attention. There is no need to fear deadlines being missed, as ARS automatically alerts all parties of pending time limits and steps awaiting completion.

All parties have their own personal home page that allows them to instantly monitor the status of all of their arbitrations/mediations with a quick glance. The Arb-IT™ system allows parties to upload evidence from virtually any desktop or mobile device to the ARS cloud-based service to preserve e-mails, voicemails, photographs, witness statements, police reports, video and audio recordings, etc.

Business to Business Program

Outstanding claims and receivables can have a profound effect on the financial health of a business, and therefore expedient conflict resolution can be critically important to businesses of any size. Spending time on receivables takes resources away from generating more revenue. Many times, smaller business disputes go unresolved due to the costs and time associated with litigation or other dispute resolution alternatives. Arbitration of disputes with ARS provides a simple, affordable solution to dispute resolution.

Just like the Business and Individual Program, hearings will be held within 90 days of completed submissions, and a decision will be rendered within 60 days after the hearing. No longer do you have to wait for months or years to have a conclusion to your business disputes. In cases where the parties feel a settlement conference would be helpful, ARS offers mediations, which are also handled telephonically or with a videoconference.

Arbitration Rules & Regulations

Mediation Rules & Regulations

Sample Arbitration Clauses

Business and Individual Program

Transactions between individuals and businesses include credit by a bank or store, property rentals, car leases, work involving independent contractors (e.g., electricians, plumbers, and repair specialists), and problems with wills, estates and trusts. Disagreements often arise between these parties. Until now, litigation has been the most common way to resolve these disputes.

Whether you are trying to collect money or defending against someone who is seeking to recover money, litigation is a no-win situation for all parties. In the United States, businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars in attorney’s fees, in addition to related litigation costs, to pursue or defend against claims they have or which are brought against them. In many instances, even the simplest litigation takes years to complete. Individuals are also faced with either pursuing claims they have against a business or otherwise have to respond or defend themselves for lawsuits filed against them. Most individuals can’t afford attorneys to represent them, let alone find the time to appear at court proceedings. Consequently, businesses very often get default judgments against individuals rather than resolutions to the claims. In cases where the parties feel a settlement conference would be helpful, ARS offers mediations, which are also handled telephonically or with a video conference. Best of all, disputes are resolved in a timely manner, usually within 30 days from the completed submissions or from the hearing date.

Arbitration Rules and Regulations

Mediation Rules & Regulations

Sample Arbitration Clauses