financing disputes

Save time and money with online arbitration of financing disputes.  

Most banks, financing companies and lending institutions have arbitration provisions in their lending documents. Those who don’t can spend millions of dollars a year on attorneys’ fees and litigation costs. Arbitration is an effective way to deal with these disputes, but in-person hearings can still end up as a costly and time-consuming option for both parties.

ARS provides a Complete Online Dispute Resolution (C-ODR) platform, where the whole process is handled online. Hearings are optional and even where a party does request a hearing, it is handled via telephone or video conference. Disputes can be resolved quickly – in a matter of weeks – and affordably for even small claims.

The online platform also makes it easy to manage multiple claims. Parties have 24/7 access to the system to upload and view evidence, securely communicate with other parties and check the status of all matters a company may be handling.

To learn how our services can help your business, call Arbitration Resolution Services today at 888-934-1777. Our staff is always available to help show you why arbitration is the best option for your dispute.

ARS can help you resolve disputes involving:

  • Bank loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Litigation funding

Simple, Fast & Affordable Online Dispute Resolution