Arbitration is often an untapped resource for resolving retail disputes. Whether you are attempting to collect money from a customer or trying to settle any other kind of retail dispute, arbitration is a cost effective and timely way for all parties to reach a solution.

In retail disputes this might mean that a customer did not provide the correct payment, or that they did not fulfill their end of a contracted agreement. Arbitration is an easy option for all parties in a retail dispute. Litigation can take months, and court fees can run into the thousands as your case drags on. Arbitration saves all parties time and money because of how quickly it resolves retail disputes.

Arbitration Resolution Services takes this a step further—all our services and mediation are conducted online. This means you can participate in mediation from your office or at home, making scheduling easy for all parties involved. When the parties involved in your retail dispute have trouble scheduling a day to meet in person for mediation, your conflict is exacerbated. Because of the virtual nature of our services you can conduct your mediation from practically anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Our team is highly trained in arbitration and mediation and can help all parties come to a resolution. Arbitration Resolution Services is changing the way conflict is handled and wants to enable you to be productive and efficient in achieving a resolution.

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