Online Resolution for Utility Disputes

Some of the biggest phone, television and utility providers can be found under the worst rated companies in America for customer service, leading to long and stressful utility disputes. There are a multitude of service issues that consumers may face when dealing with these providers.

For Cable or Satellite companies the most common are

  • billing disputes
  • rate increases
  • interruption of service.

For phone company complaints, common problems are

  • False advertisements misleading customers about what they’re paying for – such as an “unlimited” mobile plan that turns out to be very limited
  • Additional charges made to your bill without your permission
  • Illegal switch to your phone service without your permission
  • Increase in monthly wireless bills, suddenly and without cause

After attempting to contact phone, cable or satellite company first, many customers remain unsatisfied with the response, hence the poor customer service rating. Instead of walking away out of frustration, consumers are federally advised that there are third party options, such as arbitration, available to help resolve the dispute. For businesses that find they have a complaint that they feel is unfounded or would like to take care of immediately, there is also a solution.

Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS) serves businesses and consumers to resolve disputes quickly and easily by providing mediation or arbitration online, without either party having to meet in a physical location. The result is a dispute that might have taken months or years, can now be resolved in the matter of weeks.

Simple, Fast & Affordable Online Dispute Resolution