utility companies

Online ADR gets parties results quickly to avoid loss of utility services.

Phone, television and other utility providers are among some of the worst-rated companies in America for customer service, leading to long and stressful disputes over service. There are a multitude of service and billing issues that customers may face when dealing with these providers. The parties need a fast solution that avoids the chance they will lose utility services.

ARS serves utility companies and their customers helping them to resolve disputes online quickly and easily. Its Complete Online Dispute Resolution (C-ODR) platform enables parties to handle the whole process online. Hearings are optional and even where a party does request a hearing, it is handled via telephone or video conference. Neither party has to meet in a physical location. The result is a dispute that might have taken months or years, can now be resolved in the matter of weeks.

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ARS can help you resolve disputes involving:

  • Billing/Payment
  • Rate increases
  • Fees
  • Interruption of service
  • False/misleading advertising
  • Change in service without permission
  • Performance
  • Defective/damaged goods

Simple, Fast & Affordable Online Dispute Resolution