No one wants the short end of the stick when an accident occurs. Property damage lawsuits can quickly incur serious costs thanks to court fees and fixing the damage itself. Insurance companies deal with thousands of property damage law suits every day and know full well just how long and exhausting litigation can be.  Arbitration is a more efficient alternative to litigation and can help your organization avoid a daunting and draining property damage lawsuit.

If your insurance agency or business is looking for a smart and effective way to settle the disputes of your policyholders, Arbitration Resolution Services can provide the solution you’re looking for. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable in many methods of mediation and negotiation, and is skilled in achieving solutions to disputes that all parties can agree on. Making arbitration your contractually assigned method of dispute settlement will save your organization time and court fees.

All of our services are conducted online through video and telephone conferences. Our Arbi-IT software lets users upload evidence from virtually any PC, tablet or mobile device. Photographs and videos can be submitted with a click of a button, bringing mediation into the age of technology. Being able to easily streamline all the aspects of mediation is what makes Arbitration Resolution Services even more efficient than other arbitration practitioners.

Property damage lawsuits do not have to drain you of your time and resources. Insurance companies have a duty to both their policyholder and their organizations. By solving disputes in a time efficient manner, you are doing right by both parties. Call Arbitration Resolution Services today to learn more about how arbitration can help you avoid litigation.