ADR Services that Fit into Your Life

Arbitration Resolutions Services (ARS) provides an easier and more sustainable approach to resolving disputes. By combining the ease and flexibility of the internet with our expert team of legal professionals, we are proud to offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services that are done entirely online, freeing up time and saving money for all parties involved. With ARS, you can ensure your claim is resolved in the most efficient and resourceful way possible with the below ADR services.

Online Arbitration

Many people choose arbitration over litigation because it is faster and more cost effective. In arbitration, the neutral party known as the arbitrator acts as a private judge by rendering a binding decision that all parties must abide by. ARS has increased the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of arbitration through our cloud-based platform, Arb-IT™. Our platform allows you to upload any evidence and be involved in optional arbitration hearings from virtually anywhere and ant any time that is most convenient for you.

Online Mediation

Similar to arbitration, mediation is another convenient option to choose when addressing disputes. In mediation, the party conducting the mediation is known as the mediator or mediators. ARS mediators are always impartial and neutral, never favoring one party over another. The mediator encourages the parties involved to engage in a dialogue and create their own terms of agreement. Mediation has proven to be a popular choice in dispute resolution because of its high success rate of over 80%. With ARS, the mediation process is made even easier by allowing parties to participate in mediation hearings via video or teleconference.

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By choosing ADR services with ARS, your claim can be solved from the comfort of your own office, business or home. To learn more about our ADR services and how you can efficiently resolve your dispute, contact us today by calling 888-934-1777 to speak with ADR expert. You can also learn more about our ADR services from our about page.