Arbitration is an Easier Way to Solve Disputes

Anyone who has gone through litigation knows that it is costly, time-consuming and rarely ends with both parties satisfied with the outcome. Arbitration, on the other hand, is a type of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom once both sides consent to the arbitration process. Arbitration is further explained as a proceeding in which disputes are resolved by an impartial third party, known as the arbitrator, whose decision is legally binding for all parties. Arbitration is often chosen over litigation because it is private and informal, and the parties do not have to resolve the dispute in a courtroom. Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS) has made the arbitration process even more convenient by offering online arbitration for businesses and individuals.

Save Time and Money with Online Arbitration

With online arbitration, ARS has made is possible to resolve disputes entirely online without ever having to appear in person. This frees up the time of everyone involved, making it far less expensive than other dispute resolution methods. By not having to appear in court and worry about costly fees that rack up over extended periods of time, disputes of all severities and ones that may not have been able to be settled in the past are now capable of being resolved. Online arbitration with ARS utilizes our propriety Arb-IT™ software that lets you complete all steps of your dispute resolution online. Our software allows you to upload multiple types of evidence, such as documents, photos and videos, from virtually any PC, tablet or mobile device making it convenient for all parties.

Why Choose Online Arbitration with ARS?

ARS has helped many businesses and individuals resolve their disputes involving claims for monetary damages more efficiently than any other dispute resolution process. We handle disputes between businesses and individuals, disputes between businesses for monetary damages and disputes regarding damage to vehicles or property caused by accidents. Regardless of your type of dispute, it can be resolved from the comfort of your own home or office, and you can be assured that it is handled by an unbiased and knowledgeable professional.


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