Speeding up the Wheels of Justice
with Online Dispute Resolution Services

CourtCall, the nation’s leading legal technology provider for remote appearances and Arbitration Resolution Services Inc. (ARS), a leading technology provider in online dispute resolution, have entered into an agreement which will allow federal, state, county and municipal courts and businesses across the country the option of sending cases to online arbitration and mediation.

ARS has built an excellent platform for arbitration and mediation, and there is great potential for growth in this area, as more and more courts and attorneys embrace this innovative technology.

Synergy to Streamline Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

This partnership is, without a doubt, going to speed up the wheels of justice, move cases through the dockets and create a synergy with CourtCall network to streamline Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Many simple matters get tied up in time-consuming and expensive litigation, and having the ability to settle disputes more efficiently is a win for all parties. CourtCall is a technology leader in facilitating hearings and depositions by telephone and video conferencing, incorporating the online dispute resolution services into their offering is a very logical and natural fit.

About CourtCall

CourtCall is the premier company in the United States at providing telephone and video conferencing services, extending to more than 2,000 courtrooms across the nation and Canada. The company’s Remote Appearance Platform allows attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses and interpreters to make virtual court appearances. The obvious benefits are a tangible savings in travel time and expense, as well as reduction in traffic, parking and security in and around courthouses. Since its inception, CourtCall has facilitated millions of appearances before thousands of judges on behalf of hundreds of thousands of lawyers.

About ARS

ARS is revolutionizing the field of dispute resolution through its cloud-based ADR and ODR programs. ARS offers its users virtual arbitration and mediation services in the comfort of their own businesses, offices or homes without ever having to make a personal appearance. Its combination of a digital evidence submission process along with video and telephone conferencing, now powered by CourtCall, makes resolving client/customer/business disputes a very simplified, cost-effective and private alternative to litigation.

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