With many court systems essentially having ground to a halt due to COVID-19, and others very slowly partially reopening, parties in civil litigations are facing long delays getting their dispute resolved in the reasonably near future. And, as the crisis abates a substantial logjam will need to be cleared, starting with criminal matters. Even private and court-annexed “brick and mortar” arbitrations have been impacted, with in-person cases being put on indefinite hold in many areas.

Arbitration Resolution Services (“ARS”) reminds the public that it is fully operational – complete with remote telephone and video conferencing – serving all ARS clients around the world. Parties to existing stalled court cases can agree to transfer their matter to ARS arbitration using this link. The obvious benefits are a tangible savings in travel time and expense, as well as a reduction in traffic, parking, and security in and around courthouses. And of course, the platform allows participants to maintain safe social distancing through contactless alternative dispute resolution.

This article offers an excellent analysis of the situation and shows why online dispute resolution offers parties a way to step out of the line.