Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. (ARS) is pleased to announce that Patricia “Pattie” Porter, well known in the Dispute Resolution Field as “The Texas Conflict Coach”, has joined the Advisory Board of ARS.

ARS has established the new standard for resolving disputes without the need for lengthy or costly litigation. Using a disruptive new approach involving mediation and/or arbitration, parties are able to solve problems without ever having to leave their home, office or business to settle their issues. ARS’s unique blend of proprietary cloud based software combined with telephonic and/or video mediations and arbitration hearings makes filing law suits unnecessary and provides a fair, cost effective and confidential way to resolve disputes.

Ms. Porter, LCSW, AAP, is the founder and host of the global Blog Talk Radio program, “The Texas Conflict Coach”™. A program dedicated to educating the public and consumers about how to manage conflicts constructively and problem solve effectively. Additionally, she is also the current President of the Texas Association of Mediators. Patricia Porter is an adjunct faculty member in the graduate dispute resolution program at Southern Methodist University in Texas. She has worked in mediation, team facilitation, negotiation training, conflict management and abrasive leader coaching for individuals, businesses, governmental agencies and universities. She has worked with the Department of Homeland Security, NASA and Coca Cola to name a few of her clientele.

ARS is honored to have Ms. Porter as a member of our Advisory Board and welcomes her expertise in educating the public and making dispute resolution without litigation the new standard in conflict resolution.

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