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With many court systems essentially having ground to a halt due to COVID-19, and others very slowly partially reopening, parties in civil litigations are facing long delays getting their dispute resolved in the reasonably near future. And, as the crisis abates a substantial logjam will need to be cleared, starting with criminal matters. Even private and court-annexed “brick and mortar” arbitrations have been impacted, with in-person cases being put on indefinite hold in many areas.

Why Wait? Arbitrate!
As a public service, Arbitration Resolution Services (“ARS”) reminds the public that it is fully operational – complete with remote telephone and video conferencing – serving all ARS clients around the world. Parties to existing stalled court cases can agree to transfer their matter to ARS arbitration using this link. The obvious benefits are a tangible savings in travel time and expense, as well as reduction in traffic, parking and security in and around courthouses. And of course, the platform allows participants to maintain safe social distancing through contactless alternative dispute resolution.

Why ARS?
As described here, ARS takes the guesswork out of resolving legal disputes with our proprietary online alternative dispute resolution system. With a few simple clicks, parties can resolve disputes without leaving their offices, businesses, or homes. ARS is a new way to resolve disputes without the hassles of courts or high expenses:

  • Fully Automated: ARS is a cutting-edge legal solution that provides a proprietary cloud-based service that integrates technology with expert arbitrators and mediators for a revolutionary approach to dispute resolution. The company’s Arb-IT™ software fully automates the step-by-step process of mediation and binding arbitration.
  • Convenient: ARS helps parties resolve disputes involving claims for monetary damages in a faster, more efficient, and less costly way than traditional litigation. Unlike judicial processes, ARS mediations and binding arbitration hearings are scheduled for the convenience of the participants.
  • Save Time and Money: ARS parties can save as much as 80 percent of the costs of traditional litigation in as little as 20 percent of the time. This affordability means that claims that were previously unaffordable or not cost-effective can be pursued.
  • Upload Evidence from Virtually Anywhere: Arb-IT™ software allows users to upload evidence (including, but not limited to, photographs and videos) from virtually any PC, tablet, or mobile device so parties can easily participate in the dispute resolution process.
  • Easy Claim Management: Arb-IT™ uses a proprietary, fully automated process when selecting mediators and arbitrators, which guarantees that matters are entrusted to people who are impartial and have no connection to any of the parties.
  • Benefits and Capabilities: ARS is the place where parties go to have their disputes resolved through mediation and/or arbitration conducted by unbiased and knowledgeable professionals.

Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. was created to revolutionize the way disputes are resolved throughout the country. By integrating state-of-the-art technology with experienced and knowledgeable professionals, ARS has developed the ideal environment to bring alternative dispute resolution, using mediation and binding arbitration, to virtually everyone, anywhere in the country. ARS is the world’s finest cloud-based alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider where the entire process can be completed online.

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