The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County and Arbitration Services Inc. Team Up To Provide Low Income Individuals Access to Online Arbitration and Mediation Services

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL:  The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc. announces that innovative online arbitration service will soon be made available to its clients. “Online arbitration will allow us to streamline our process while at the same time offering a much more cost-effective way to resolve legal issues for the disadvantaged citizens of Palm Beach County,” said Bob Bertisch, executive director of the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Florida.

Legal Aid will utilize the Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. (ARS) proprietary cloud-based software, Arb-IT™, which will reduce costs and speed the process of resolving legal disputes, ultimately allowing Legal Aid to better serve its growing clientele. “ARS is at the cutting edge of addressing the issues in efficiently and fairly resolving disputes in our society. Adopting this technology will allow us to help many more people with the same resources,” said Bertisch.

Arbitration Resolution Services offers simple and cost-effective binding arbitration for business and consumers. Through its proprietary cloud-based software, Arb-IT™, ARS brings the ease of e-commerce to the resolution of disputes for claims involving insurance companies, independent contractors, manufacturers and retailers, banks and mortgage companies, landlords and tenants, and much more.

The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County was founded in 1949 for the purpose of providing free legal advice to the economically disadvantaged. The Society has grown from an office of one attorney to a staff of 85 over the past 65 years. As one of the first social services agencies to serve Palm Beach County, it continues to be recognized as a growing and dynamic organization that personalizes human and social needs within the legal framework.

“The Legal Aid Society will offer online mediation and arbitration through ARS to individuals who seek advice and/or are represented by the Legal Aid Society,” said Mark Norych, Esq., executive vice president and general counsel for ARS. “By utilizing the ARS system, the Legal Aid Society will be able to provide more citizens with low-cost assistance by steering their cases to our online platform, avoiding the time and expense that it takes to litigate a matter in court.”

Tom Weber, president and CEO of Arbitration Resolution Services adds, “We believe our services perfectly complement the mission of the Legal Aid Society. We understand the value of appropriate access to the judicial system for all members of society.”


The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County is committed to providing high quality civil legal advice, representation and education to the disadvantaged of Palm Beach County so as to protect their personal safety, enhance their opportunities and living conditions and promote self-sufficiency.

Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. (ARS) provides an online system where individuals and businesses may resolve disputes through mediation and/or binding arbitration conducted by unbiased and knowledgeable professionals. The ARS proprietary software is a fully automated, affordable, fast and convenient method for reaching a settlement without courts, high costs and lengthy process.

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