Don’t get tied up in months or even years of litigation. Save time and money on your cases with a wide range of arbitration services specifically designed to get the best outcomes for everyone involved. At Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS), we know that the potential risks, length and costs associated with litigation often outweigh the benefits. By utilizing our arbitration services you will receive the expediency, devotion and expertise you need in order to resolve your disputes promptly and precisely.

Easy and Affordable Arbitration Services

We’ve condensed down the arbitration process into a simple, four-step procedure. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign Up
  2. File a Claim
  3. Have an Arbitrator Assigned
  4. Get Your Dispute Resolved!

Save up to 80% on costs and get your resolution in as little as 20% of the time when you work us. We make sure the arbitration process is as smooth as possible.


A Wide Range of Arbitration Services

We offer three diverse programs tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. We offer a Business to Individual Program, a Business to Business Program and a Vehicle and Property Damage Program suitable for a large number of organization types.

Completely Neutral and Secure Arbitration Services

An arbitrator (a highly-educated and trained “private judge”) is randomly selected for your case based on their areas of expertise and relevant knowledge base. They then undergo a conflict check to ensure complete neutrality. The evidence submission process meets all industry encryption standards in order to provide a completely neutral and secure arbitration. All arbitration parties must agree to binding arbitration prior to dispute resolution, and all decisions are enforceable by law.

Get in Touch Today

At ARS, our panel of highly qualified arbitrators is ready to assist you with your case, and with the power of our cloud-based Arb-ITTM evidence submission system, you can get started right away. Find out more about our arbitration services today by calling us at 888.934.1777 or filling out the form on our contact page.