ODR Services with Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS)

ARS is a leader in online arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution. We have combined the cost-effectiveness and speed of arbitration and mediation with the ease and convenience of the internet, ensuring that your disputes are resolved in an efficient, satisfactory manner. Our safe and secure online dispute resolution (ODR) services are backed by our experienced team of legal professionals. Read on to learn about the ODR services we offer.

Online Arbitration Services

You may already be aware that arbitration is the quicker, cheaper alternative to litigation in which a neutral party, the arbitrator who acts similar to a “private judge,” renders a binding decision enforceable by law. Due to its efficiency, arbitration is especially useful regarding claims under $100,000. However, did you know that with ARS, arbitration services are accessible online? With the power of our cloud-based Arb-IT™ platform, the cost-effectiveness of arbitration is increased even further. The involved parties need only submit the evidence that supports their side of the dispute online, a neutral arbitrator is randomly selected, then the parties are can schedule hearings they can attend from the comfort of their own offices, businesses or homes via video or teleconference at the times that suit them the best.

Online Mediation Services

Our online mediation services are just as convenient as our arbitration services with even greater focus on mutually beneficial outcomes. With mediation, involved parties are encouraged to actively engage in a dialogue and create their own terms of agreement, willingly abiding by them without the determination, but rather guidance, of a neutral mediator. In terms of ODR services, mediation offers some of the highest rates of success, and with the power of the internet, it’s possible to mediate your dispute virtually any time, anywhere.

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