The Advantages of Mediation

Mediation is a highly effective form of alternative dispute resolution. It is strictly a settlement-oriented conference where no one is forced into a settlement or any decision made by the mediator. The obvious advantages of mediation are, of course, the reduced costs and time investment required when compared to litigation. However, there are many more subtle benefits to dealing with your disputes outside of the court room, and at Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS) you can reap this benefits without ever having to leave your home or office.

Higher Rates of Satisfaction

According to the American BAR Association, people involved with mediation have higher rates of satisfaction compared to their counterparts tied up in litigation. Mediation ends in agreement 80% of the time and has higher rates of compliance compared to court rulings.

Expedited Resolution

Not only are mediations resolved more quickly than litigation, but they also begin sooner. A court case may take years to come to trial, but a mediated agreement can come in just a few weeks.

Returning Power to the Parties

Handing over power to a judge or court can be unsettling. With mediation, you or your client will feel like they have greater control over the proceedings of mediation. With authority in their hands, the parties in conflict will find it easier to have a dialogue and reach an agreement rather than have a conflict situation.

Mediation is Solution Oriented

Mediation takes a look at the underlying causes of a dispute, rather than merely providing reparations for a wrong-doing. Rather than an “eye-for-eye” mentality, both parties enter a mediation looking to truly resolve a conflict and walk away with what is best for everyone.

Improved Relationships

Litigation can leave a bitter taste in people’s mouths and create grudges. Maintaining relationships for parties who will have continued interaction after a conflict is extremely important. Mediation brings people together rather than putting them at odds.

Enjoy the Benefits of Virtual Mediation with ARS

By choosing ARS, not only will you benefit from the advantages of mediation, you have the ease and flexibility of Arb-IT™, our proprietary, cloud-based platform that enables you to submit all documentation from virtually any device and conduct conferences from the comfort of your home or office via telephone or video, requiring no in-person presence. Call us today to learn how you can resolve your dispute with ARS mediation services by calling us at 888.934.1777 or filling out the form on our contact page.