Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which a third party (the mediator) works with the parties to actively find a solution that both sides agree to. It is strictly a settlement-oriented conference where no one is forced into a settlement or any decision made by the mediator. Mediation has become a popular form of resolving many types and sizes of disputes because it is much less costly and time-consuming than arguing out matters in court. Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS) is proud to offer a modern approach to mediation services that makes dispute resolution for even the smallest cases possible.

ARS has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals resolve disputes through mediation services. By utilizing a cloud-based system, Arb-IT™, ARS has made solving disputes through mediation even easier and more cost-efficient than ever before, allowing the entire process to be completed online from the comfort of your home or office. Choosing our mediation services means disputes can be resolved faster because parties do not have to place their lives on hold to make court dates.

Common Scenarios in Mediation with ARS

Beginning a mediation with ARS is as easy as providing your name and email address. Once a claim is filed, parties will be requested to state the basis for their dispute, then upload their evidence (such as files, photographs, video, or any other information that can be transmitted digitally)  to prove their position, which can be uploaded from virtually any PC, table or mobile device with Arb-IT™ software. ARS will then assign an experienced mediator, ensuring the mediator assigned has no ties to either party and is a strictly unbiased third party in the matter. Mediation hearings are scheduled at the convenience of both parties and can be completed virtually. Click here to see a video of a mock mediation and get a true impression of the mediation process with ARS.

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ARS also offers arbitration resolution through our fully automated, cloud-based system. Virtual mediation and online arbitration with ARS can save as much as 80% of the costs of traditional litigation in as little as 20% of the time. Because of the affordability and simplicity that ARS provides, individuals and organizations of any size are now capable of filing claims that may not have been worth pursuing in the past. To learn more about our arbitration or mediation services, call 888-934-1777 or visit our website where you can also sign up and file a claim.