What is Virtual Mediation?

Virtual mediation is a process by which parties can settle their disputes online without the need for in-person appearances. Meetings are conducted by video or tele-conference, and any form of document submission is facilitated through an encrypted, cloud-based platform accessible through the internet. Neither party is forced into a binding settlement created by a mediator (a neutral third-party who oversees the negation process). The mediator encourages the parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement that satisfies everyone.

Why Mediation Over Litigation?

The most obvious reason why choosing mediation over litigation is that there is an 80% agreement rate, according to the American Bar Association, meaning that the parties involved are likely to walk away satisfied and adhere to the stipulations of the agreement. Litigation can leave the loser embittered and forced into a ruling they deem unfair and unjust, potentially damaging the relationship irreversibly.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is not only more agreeable to the parties at odds, but it is more cost effective, as well. Court cases may take years to come to fruition, and in that time fees and bills quickly mount up. Not only does one have to worry about a claim amount, but the costs associated in coming to a determination. With mediation, dispute resolution comes swiftly and inexpensively when compared to the alternative.

Why Go Virtual?

At ARS, we understand that you have time constraints. Virtual mediation is perfect for the professional on the go. Participants can choose times that work best for everyone and are able to conference in from anywhere. Often times, parties involved in mediation are unable to travel, or just prefer the comfort of their own home or office. You can even resolve your disputes during your everyday commute!

Start the Mediation Process Today

With ARS Arb-IT™ technology, the entire mediation process from submission to resolution is conducted securely and conveniently online. Learn more about our mediation services and their benefits or get in touch today by filling out our contact form or calling us at (888) 934-1777.