online adr

While ADR has many advantages over litigation, traditional ADR can still be a relatively expensive and inefficient option. Rising costs related to party, counsel, witness and arbitrator travel fees, can limit the benefits of ADR, particularly in small cases. As a result, many claims are not pursued because of the time and money involved. Fortunately, online ADR addresses these issues, providing a practical, cost-effective alternative to litigation and traditional “brick and mortar” arbitration.

Online vs Traditional ADR

Traditional ADR is a much less onerous process than litigation, but it developed in a time where parties had few options regarding how to conduct the process. Documents were shared via surface mail or later email; hearings had to be conducted in-person; attorneys were required to manage the claim and deadlines; and scheduling was cumbersome. Online ADR provides a simplified and fully accessible method to handle these items. For example, with both traditional and online ADR, the parties can select an experienced arbitrator. However, it can be easier to quickly find an available arbitrator because of the convenience of working in an online-only environment.

Benefits of Online ADR

Online ADR has all of the advantages of traditional ADR, but the right online ADR provider can also offer these benefits:

  1. Ease of use. Online ADR allows anyone to participate in arbitration without formal training or legal representation. Software which runs the online platform guides participants through the process with timely reminders of all events and tasks needing attention. Parties can instantly monitor the status of all of their arbitrations/mediations with a quick glance.
  2. Accessibility anytime, anyplace. Parties can upload evidence from virtually any desktop or mobile device to a cloud-based service to preserve e-mails, voicemails, photographs, witness statements, reports, video and audio recordings, etc.
  3. Reduced time and money. Parties can save as much as 80 percent of the costs of traditional litigation in as little as 20 percent of the time. This affordability means that claims that were previously unaffordable or not cost-effective can be pursued.
  4. Conducting an arbitration or mediation on an online platform means that hearings are scheduled for the convenience of the participants. There is no need for travel; no waiting around in airports and spending time in hotels; and it’s much easier to find a time when everyone is available.
  5. Security. Companies, law firms and individuals have all been subject to hackers in recent years. Using a secure cloud-based platform that meets or exceeds industry standard SSL encryption ensures that nobody can observe any details or evidence without being authorized.

Online ADR provides the parties with an incredibly cost-effective and flexible method for resolving their dispute. ARS provides the only complete end-to-end online ADR process. Contact ARS to learn more about the benefits of online ADR.