types of disputes

All disputes can benefit from using ADR, however, online ADR offers additional advantages. While it can be used for virtually any type or size of dispute, its affordability and ease of use makes it especially practical for smaller business and consumer claims. Often these disputes are not pursued because the litigation costs outweigh the amount of recovery. This results in significant amounts of lost money for the parties, with little remedy. Online ADR solves this problem.

Business to Business Disputes

Outstanding claims and receivables can have a profound effect on the financial health of a business. Expedient and cost-effective conflict resolution is critically important to businesses of any size, but the biggest benefit of online ADR is with smaller business disputes. Online ADR can help parties involved in any type of contract dispute, including:

Business to Individual Disputes

Online ADR is a great option for many disputes involving transactions between individuals and businesses, such as credit by a bank or store, property rentals, car leases, work involving independent contractors (e.g., electricians, plumbers, and repair specialists), and problems with wills, estates and trusts. These matters often involve claims that are under $50,000 and would be very expensive to pursue via litigation.

Businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars in attorney’s fees, in addition to other litigation costs, to pursue or defend against claims they have, or which are brought against them. Individuals are also faced with either pursuing claims they have against a business or otherwise have to respond or defend themselves for lawsuits filed against them. Many individuals with smaller claims can’t afford attorneys to represent them, let alone find the time to appear at court proceedings. Online ADR provides a better option for both the business and consumer.

Vehicle and Property Damage Disputes

Every day there are countless numbers of accidents that result in damage to vehicles and/or real or personal property. These claims involve both business to business and business to individual disputes as injured plaintiffs, policy holders, insurance companies, car-rental and truck and fleet leasing companies pursue actions against each other. Litigation is not a good solution to many of these claims. Online ADR provides a way to resolve such claims in a correct, fair and unbiased manner without resorting to litigation.

Complete Online ADR: The Better Way

Online ADR is useful for any type of dispute, large or small, but it is most cost-effective for smaller claims. In these situations, the parties get the most benefit from online ADR because it gives them the opportunity to resolve their dispute fairly, efficiently and affordably. ARS provides the only Complete Online ADR (C-ODR) solution. For more examples of the types of disputes that benefit from online ADR, read about ARS’ programs for individuals and businesses or contact us for a consultation.