The story becomes more complicated when Citigroup and the individual broker sought to challenge the award in state court on the grounds of manifest disregard of law, and bias because two of the arbitrators failed to make required disclosures. It turns out the parties appeared to have settled their dispute before the arbitration was commenced. This the court seizes on without addressing the arbitrator disclosure issue.

George Friedman, a member of our Board of Directors, today presented “The Basics Of Securities Arbitration” to Seton Hall Law School’s Investor Advocacy Project.  You can preview his presentation here.  Friedman is also an adjunct law professor at Fordham University.   The Basics of Security Arbitration from Arbitration Resolution Services

Back in 1997, George Friedman, a member of the ARS Board of Directors, predicted and planned for the economic collapse of 2008, alternative energy needs, hybrid and electric cars, and now the future of arbitration. Check out his predictions that were applauded at the 2013 Securities Experts Roundtable in Boston.

In April, George Friedman responded to a US News & World Report column by Dan Solin criticizing the FINRA arbitration forum.  Solin, a long-time critic of FINRA, has just published a new article critical of FINRA executives’ compensation relative to investor performance. Friedman, one of our Board Directors, is uniquely qualified to respond to this…